thought of ya´ll.....

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thought of ya´ll.....

Post by gnd » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:32 am

WAs on the Train, 8 hours. Couldn´t get the match. Wedged in between some Columbians watching the England- Columbia game---nice o them!

Clearly they got pissed cuz Sweden won.....then got pissed more for England match win.

7 hours. Of songs. And apparently one had just broke up with his girl, so LOUDLY bitched, cursed her, and loudly tore up what looked like a 10 page, front AND BACK "Rachel" letter....then climbed up on the seat to search through his luggages for misc....

As he was half Norwegian about half of all this was in Norwegian. ... d-12850244

Now. aren´t ya´ll glad ya´ll did not boycott?? :)
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