England Columbia shootout questions

Fast Kicking. Low Scoring. And Ties? You Bet!
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England Columbia shootout questions

Post by gnd » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:23 am

Is the world cup "extra time" the same as a normal game (or is it ok for those to draw)?

What decides the order of the players who kick on the shoot out?

If a player is out "now" for red flag (say in theory), would they be allowed to play the quarter finals if their team is in it?

Why is a Shootout considered by some more about luck than skill?

Why do certain games only require a draw...for time?

Do all countries play futbol with the same rules for professional for usual games? Did any have to learn new rules for the cup?

Excited for Brasil and UK-Sweden games:) This is fun!
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Re: England Columbia shootout questions

Post by egjeg » Wed Jul 04, 2018 10:07 am

I watch soccer once every four years. These are my answers.

There are no draws in knockout stage. If tied at end of extra time, it goes to penalty kucks.
The team decided.
They miss one full match
Because luck and skill are qualitative and not quantitative, meaning they cannot be directly compared and making it likely that individuals will have differing opinions on their relative importance.
Not sure. The americans would have never designed a competition this way.
No idea
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