Problems with font size, order of posts, more

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Problems with font size, order of posts, more

Post by NorthAmerican » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:47 pm

A few days ago, as I began to type the word répétiteur, I made an error in trying to type the accented e. That error cause a number of problems, the worst of which is that everything on the Stew now appears in such tiny type that I have great difficulty reading it.

To create accented letters, I use a system that works well in Word for all of them, plus the upside down question mark and exclanation point that I use when writing in Spanish. Not all of them work on the Stew, but the accented e -- é -- can be created by holding down the Alt key, typing the numbers 130 on the numbers pad (i.e., not the numbers at the top of the keyboard), then releasing the Alt key, at which time the accented letter appears.

My error of the other day was that I may have held down the Ctrl key or the Windows key rather than the Alt key, and as I began to type 130 the entire page display changed. I can't figure out how to undo the change.

How my Stew used to appear:

The font size was Normal, and legible even with my rather poor eyesight
At the upper right, there were three choices: View active posts, View new posts, View your posts
I'm not 100 percent sure on the first of those, because my havit was to choose View new posts
Posts displayed according to time posted, with the most recent at the top of the listing; they were not sorted by category, so the first post might have been in Root Source, the second in Talking Politics, etc.
Posters' avatars appeared as a column at the left of the page, their posts to the right

How the Stew appears now

The font size, although still displaying as "Normal," has shrunk to a size so small as to be almost illegible.
Posts appear at the left side of the page, according to category, so that a dozen posts may appear under Traavel Journalism, then some under Root Source, then Talking Politics
Avatars do not display; there is a small rectangle outlined in red and with some lines within it, as if a lined paper pad were being shown
The font size is so tiny as to be almost illegible.

All this occurred as the result of one or two keystrokes that I made in error. How can I fix it?

EDIT: Sorry, now that my post has displayed, I see that avatars DO display, to the right of the post rather than to the left as before.
SECOND EDIT: I see now that the page that shows up when I open the Stew is not the listing I described above, but is titled Political Stew Index Page. Entries below are About the Board, Hall of Fame, etc.
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