The Hate That Keeps Not Happening

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The Hate That Keeps Not Happening

Post by Argonheart_Po » Fri Oct 12, 2018 4:24 am

By investigator Laird Wilcox’s reckoning, around 80 per cent of alleged hate crimes at US universities are hoaxes...

“Laird Wilcox, arguably the nation’s foremost hate crime hoax detector, was back in the news. The hoax du jour unfolded–and unraveled–at Eastern Michigan University. Last week Eastern Michigan University Police arrested an African American for spray painting university walls on at least three occasions with vicious anti-black slogans. These incidents predictably inspired candlelight vigils at the university and all the requisite demands for diversity training and the like.

None of this is surprising. What may surprise is that the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas is home to the Wilcox Collection of Contemporary Political Movements. The collection includes “nearly 10,000 books, pamphlets and periodicals, 800 audio tapes, 73 feet (22 m) of manuscript materials and more than 100,000 pieces of ephemera including flyers, brochures, mailings, clippings and bumper stickers.” Even more surprising is that the creator and chief archivist for this collection, Laird Wilcox, is alive and well and living in Lawrence.

Wilcox’s 1994 book, Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, is still the standard in the field. The Eastern Michigan University arrest could not have surprised him. “This isn’t just my opinion,” Wilcox told Fox News after a comparable incident was exposed in April 2017. “This is widely recognized now. I would say now 80 percent of the events that happen on campus are hoaxes or pranks. It’s a place where consciousness of discrimination, sexism and homophobia is at a peak, and when there’s nothing happening, and they need something to happen, they can make it happen.”

The site builds on the work of Wilcox. The arrest of the EMU fraudster represents incident #322 recorded in the site’s database. Two weeks before that arrest University of Maryland Police arrested another black man for painting swastikas on university walls...” ... -detector/
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