It’s As If It’s All Bullshit Or Something

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Re: It’s As If It’s All Bullshit Or Something

Post by thegreenlantern » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:20 am

I can't approve of the waste of time of journal publishers, or of the peer reviewers who usually accept the role as an unpaid service to the academic community. But it must have been a lot of fun to write.
It's an interesting microcosm of conservative concern-trolling generally. Come up with some complicated, bad-faith analysis of a non-problem, and react to it hysterically enough that liberals feel the need to waste time explaining the issue. Bonus if you can call liberal reaction the real hysteria and pretend it's reason enough to vote conservative, even if the liberals turned out to be right.

It's straight out of Arendt. People on this board pretend that our resident concern-trolls doing this for a laugh is fine because sometimes they get caught out and embarrassed. I guess that's fine for a group of people with enough spare time to feud for ten years in a row on an anonymous chat room, but there's bad shit happening in the world that deserves real solutions and good faith debate. It seems like an actually harmful practice, especially in the age of Trump and Duterte and Bolsinaro, to egg it on.

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